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URL Helper


This extension allows you to add URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) to person and company cards in your Names file.

URL Helper adds an item ("URL") to the "Add" menu in the Names app. Selecting it will open an editor window in which you can enter the URL. In addition to the ususal keyboard, a series of buttons are displayed to allow one-tap entry of common URL parts ("http://", "www.", ".com", etc.). After entering a URL, it will appear in the All Info view of the Names app.

URL Helper also adds a new type of stationary to the Notes app for storing URLs. It works in a similar fashion to the Names URL editor window.


[PNG 4.0kb] [JPEG 78kb] full-screen shot of URL Helper notepad stationary in action

[PNG 2.0kb] [JPEG 27kb] detail of the URL notepad stationary

[PNG 3.0kb] [JPEG 70kb] detail of the URL editor for Names

Revision History


url-helper.zip [15kb] - ZIP archive containing Newton package and documentation

url-helper.pkg [15kb] - Newton package

readme.txt [3.0kb] - documentation

license.txt [19kb] - copy of the GNU General Public License

url-helper-src.txt [34kb] - text dump of Newton Toolkit source

url-helper-src.hqx [62kb] - BinHex'd StuffIt archive of Newton Toolkit for Macintosh source

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