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This extention adds another new panel (Sales Tax) to the built-on Formulas application. This panel has fields for Total Sale, Sales Tax Rate, Tax Amount and Total with Tax. If you enter any two of these values, the remaining two will be calculated for you. This panel can also optionally remember the last sales tax rate used.

NOTE: If you installed the 1.0 version, which was named Sales Tax Formula, you must scrub it from the Extras Drawer before installing later versions.


[PNG 4.0kb] [JPEG 76kb] full-screen shot of Tax Calc in action

Revision History


tax-calc.zip [16kb] - ZIP archive containing Newton package and documentation

tax-calc.pkg [16kb] - Newton package

readme.txt [3.0kb] - documentation

license.txt [19kb] - copy of the GNU General Public License

tax-calc-src.txt [30kb] - text dump of Newton Toolkit source

tax-calc-src.hqx [44kb] - BinHex'd StuffIt archive of Newton Toolkit for Macintosh source

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