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Month Print


Month Print adds a new print format to the built-in Dates application. When you select "Print Date" from the Dates application's action button, a new format called "Month View" will appear in the format picker of the print slip. This format prints a wall calendar-type monthly view of the selceted month, filling in the daily cells with events and/or meetings from the Dates data.


[PNG 5.0kb] [JPEG 92kb] full-screen shot of Month Print in action

Revision History


month-print.zip [17kb] - ZIP archive containing Newton package and documentation

month-print.pkg [17kb] - Newton package

readme.txt [4.0kb] - documentation

license.txt [19kb] - copy of the GNU General Public License

month-print-src.txt [31kb] - text dump of Newton Toolkit source

month-print-src.hqx [44kb] - BinHex'd StuffIt archive of Newton Toolkit for Macintosh source

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