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Extra Extras adds new functionality to the Extras Drawer by adding three new actions to the Extras Drawer's action button: "Get Info", "Freeze" and "Thaw". The "Get Info" action opens a view containing information about the selected package. The "Freeze" action freezes, or deactivates, the selected package(s). When a package is frozen it does not use any heap memory, but any functionality that it may provide will not be available. The "Thaw" action will thaw, or reactivate, the selected package(s).


[PNG 5.0kb] [JPEG 83kb] full-screen shot of Extra Extras in action

[PNG 2.0kb] [JPEG 19kb] detail of the improved action menu

[PNG 2.0kb] [JPEG 38kb] detail of the package information view

Revision History


extra-extras.zip [14kb] - ZIP archive containing Newton package and documentation

extra-extras.pkg [10kb] - Newton package

readme.txt [3.0kb] - documentation

license.txt [19kb] - copy of the GNU General Public License

extra-extras-src.txt [18kb] - text dump of Newton Toolkit source

extra-extras-src.hqx [35kb] - BinHex'd StuffIt archive of Newton Toolkit for Macintosh source

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